Tuesday, 23 March 2010


In this second image the image of a man and a woman act as the signifier. The sign is the advertisement poster itself and the aim of the image is to advertise the drink Skyy. The piece denotes selling a drink, but the way it is portrayed suggests a lot more to its audience. The advertisement has connotations of male dominance as the man is standing over the woman who is lying down. The clothes he is wearing, a suit, suggests he is of importance and possibly powerful and this adds to the dominance he has over her. The sky and the weather in the piece connote a wonderful, sunny lifestyle that comes with the drink, along with the women's choice of clothing, a bikini. This connotation of lifestyle is similar in the first image, which initially denotes a couple in love by the sea but also has connotations of a lifestyle. A lifestyle which may be seen as happy and in love but also as being rich, wearing expensive clothes and leading a wealthy life. Also being slim and glamorous and something
Both signs use a male and female to promote something, this could be connoting sharing happiness, whereas in the second image the piece portrays the woman as vulnerable and being controlled, the first image portrays a happier scene where the couple are connecting.
The women's clothes in the second image have connotations of sexual references and seeing her as an object whilst the man stand over her in a dominating position holding two glasses and a bottle of alcohol as if he has an motive of getting her drunk or similar.
Both images have connotations of an desirable lifestyle, wealth, sun and love although they work in different ways.

Monday, 22 March 2010

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